Vets4Warriors understands the concerns many of you may have regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to assure you that we have worked through contingency plans that allow our peers to remain standing by 24/7 to talk with you and connect you to needed resources. No matter the issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a peer, who is prepared to stay connected with you until the issue is resolved. You are not alone. Together, there is no problem that can’t be solved and no challenge that cannot be overcome.

Reach us by calling 1-855-838-8255.

“I spoke with (peer)………he was compassionate, and listened to my whining. He may have saved my life. I have a lot of respect for…. (peer). Thank you for your organization and thank you for being there today. (message left on the satisfaction survey line)
Note from a retired Army Sergeant Major: “Sir I have sent……(referrals) to your network and website with HUGE success!!!….they have found help and support…..One Team Sir! HOOAH!
Feedback, Testimonials From Georgia: ……. (Peer) has helped me so much during the past few months by being such a great listener, encourager, and supporter! I really think that other service members would benefit from the support of Vets4Warriors. I pray that other comrades reach out to Vets4Warriors during times of crisis just like I did because it surely helps to talk to someone who not only cares to listen, but understands military life as well.”
From Houston: “It is truly my pleasure to thank you for the excellent services rendered by your team. I can’t express enough gratitude for the words of wisdom shared by the operators I came into contact with. I felt overwhelmed with instructions as well as shameful labels (when I first called). I am deeply appreciative for the services of … (peer) and … (peer) for their exceptional skills and compassion.”
A currently deployed (first time) female service member chatted with V4W describing adjustment difficulties and thinking of ways to be sent home. After connecting with a peer who had deployed several times and identified with her struggles she wrote: “Thank you for talking with me, you are the first person to make me feel better!”
An active duty soldier from Fort Bragg struggling at work described “not having the will anymore” and feeling depressed. His marriage and children were suffering with his symptoms of PTSD. He agreed to go to behavioral health services on post as well as to speak to the chaplain. During the first follow up call, he stated that the peer had helped him. He said that V4W had been a “blessing to him.” Follow ups continue.